Will Annika Return This Year?

Annika Sorernstam has 69 wins, 10 majors and a severely injured back that makes the future of the LPGA star a question mark. The ruptured and bulging disk problem is the first major injury in Sorenstam’s 13-year career. Annika will see a neurosurgeon in Miami on Monday to determine her next move.

Sorenstam said she would be out of action at least a month, but it definitely could be a lot longer. And when Annika does return, will she be able to play at her former level?

I hope so. I’d hate to see Annika fade into LPGA history with a bad back, unable to close out a great career on her own terms.

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5 thoughts on “Will Annika Return This Year?”

  1. I had two bulging discs (L-4/5). The L-5 finally ruptured.

    First surgery was an orthopedic surgeon, the second was by a neurosurgeon.

    I can still hit it (with the new equipment) 280 off the tee. The problem is walking on hilly courses. I thank the makers of Alleve!

  2. This is a tough break for Annika. I have a herniated disk myself that seems to be responding to physical therapy. But once they rupture, it’s a different animal. I hope she can return at 100% at some point.

  3. I’m not sure how much Annika really wants to return. And the thing is, no matter how she chose to leave…on her own terms…she’d almost surely be criticized for her decision.


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