Why Gary Player Posed in ESPN Body Issue

Why Gary Player Posed in ESPN Body Issue 1
GARY PLAYER: Age: 77 Height: 5’6″ Weight: 148 lbs.

GARY PLAYER: Very few people do what I’m doing at my age. I want to show the world how fit you can be at this age and not just accept being old. I still work on my ranch, I represent a lot of companies, I do golf course design, I’m traveling seven months a year. You’ve got to keep moving. If you sit and watch TV on your backside all day, you’re going to die.

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  1. I totally agree.

    The longer you want to live, the more active you should be on doing what you are passionate about and keeps you healthy and wiser each day.

    Don't wait for things to happen. Make them happen in such that you won't regret eventually


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