Where I Sit: Lefty Dogged It

Phil Mickelson failed to play in the EDS Byron Nelson pro-am but still teed it up today in the opening round of the tournament. Normally players are disqualified if they miss the pro-am. But we’re told Phil had extenuating circumstances.

Bad weather prevented Mickelson’s private jet from making the one-hour flight to Dallas on Tuesday, so Phil spent the night in Little Rock, Ark. Lefty had a 7 a.m. tee time on Wednesday. He didn’t arrive until 11 a.m.

“Phil was prepared to play in the afternoon. It wasn’t his decision not to play,” Mickelson spokesman T.R. Reinman was quoted as saying.

PR at work.

Hold on. Phil did have lunch with the amateurs he was supposed to play with.

Nice try, but not good enough.

Well, I guess they should just be happy that Phil is in the field with so many other no-shows among the top players. Besides, pro-ams are torture.

Tell that to the amateurs who shelled out big money to have the golf experience of a lifetime playing with Phil Mickelson.

The PGA Tour decided Phil could play the tournament because bad weather didn’t allow him to arrive in Dallas on Tuesday night. Stuart Appleby characterized it as a “very dodgy decision,” wondering how hard Mickelson tried to arrive early on Wednesday. Appleby makes a valid point.

Lefty dogged it and the PGA Tour let him off the hook. That’s where I sit.

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2 thoughts on “Where I Sit: Lefty Dogged It”

  1. Yeah, you had to wonder why he couldn’t rent a car and drive. Maybe after the way he’s been driving the ball since the US Open, he thought he might not be able to keep the car between the lines on the road.

  2. They let me off because most of the so called “stars” of the tour aren’t there this week. It’s good to hear the full story, which differs quite a bit from what I heard on TV. Thanks for clearing that up.


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