Where I Sit: The Golf Course Hot Dog

The hot dog is under attack. And the adversary is within its own food group.

Here are some excerpts from a recent press release:

Where I Sit: The Golf Course Hot Dog 1“Move over hot dog, there’s a new favorite at the snack shack. PG Professional Golf, the world’s largest recycled golf ball company and leading green grass supplier, announced the introduction of its new line of Jack Link’s Beef Jerky meat snacks.

“Our Jack Link’s Beef Jerky meat snacks not only provide a healthy alternative, they taste great too! And you don’t have to worry about dripping mustard on your favorite golf shirt.”

Fellas, fellas. Let’s not be jerky about this. This is an easy one.

Hot dog or beef jerky?


We like hot dogs. We like beef jerky. Why deny ourselves? If we want to eat healthy, we can pack our lunch or grab an energy bar.

And is anyone really worried about getting mustard on his (or her) golf shirt? Is there someone who has been wolfing down hot dogs at the turn all these years saying, “I’m glad someone finally came up with an alternative to that messy hot dog. Those mustard stains were affecting my concentration.

“Ever since I switched to beef jerky I’m hitting more fairways and my putting stroke is golden.”

I don’t think so.

The hot dog isn’t moving over for anything in the snack shack. That’s where I sit.

Where I Sit is an occasional commentary by The Armchair Golfer.

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5 thoughts on “Where I Sit: The Golf Course Hot Dog”

  1. I usually pack peanut butter sandwiches and bananas; and drink lots of water. In the Summer, don’t wait until you’re thirsty to drink water – start right from the getgo. BTW – Armchair, I’ve posted your link on my new blog – clubmaker.org – that deals with building and repairing golf clubs. Take a look.
    The Hacker

  2. Hot dogs are great! Except for that new Oscar Meyer microwave lame hot dog. But anyway, jerky is um, bleah…a hot dog is ummm well, American, I think, at least it seems to be, yes, I think they were invented on Coney Island, NY, right? (Nathan’s?) Anyway, I prefer a hot dog over most other snacks at a golf tournament, or other sporting event, mustard and onions for me! You can count on a dog…you know what you are getting, what it’s going taste like, and how full you are gonna be after ya eat one. I for one would protest the substitution of anything for the good old dog!


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