What’s in My Golf Bag

Day 152 without playing golf

As I’ve ventured out into the golf blogosphere, I’ve noticed that many like to talk equipment. And some even give a rundown of their personal set of golf clubs.

That’s cool.

Why not me? I do have clubs, even though they see very little use. I’ve only played about once a year for the last three years.

So here goes. Promise me you won’t laugh.

Irons (2 through SW):
1987 Spectrum “Mac the Knife” set, inch over. (I’m tall with short arms.) I’m not making this “Mac the Knife” stuff up. They’re Ping knock offs that I picked up at a discount golf store in Seattle. If you or anyone you know has heard of these clubs, I’ll buy you a beer.

I can’t even remember the name — some homemade metals that my friend who used to play Division I golf built for me. A hand me down Yonex driver with a boron shaft that my Dad gave me. The newest addition: a Dunlop LoCo Crazy Long driver. (I won it in a tournament in May, the only time I’ve played this year.) By the way, I hit the snot out of the Crazy Long driver on a driving range in Florida and am itching to take it out on the course.

Slotline, 36 inch.

OK, so my clubs are a joke. But when you play on average once a year, it really doesn’t matter. It’s not like my game will be sharp even if I have the newest sticks. When I start playing regularly again, I’ll update my equipment. But that’s a subject for a future post.

What’s in your golf bag?

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