What Kenny Perry and I Have in Common

What Kenny Perry and I Have in Common 1YOU’RE DYING TO KNOW, RIGHT? OK, here it is: Neither of us is playing in the British Open.

Ba-da-bum. (I’m glad you can’t throw tomatoes at me.)

But seriously, Kenny is taking more heat than Phoenix asphalt. Why? What am I missing? Somebody tell me.

It’s Kenny Perry skipping the British, not Phil Mickelson or some other marquee player. I understand Perry might have a good chance to win at Royal Birkdale –- he’s playing great –- but so what?

It’s his schedule, and he committed to Milwaukee and racking up Ryder Cup points. He’s sticking to his goal and his word. Did anyone care before he won a couple of events? I say let him be.

Here’s one more thing Kenny and I have in common: We’re both going to the Ryder Cup. I’ll be there as a spectator. And I’ll be rooting him on.

Get ‘em, Kenny!

−The Armchair Golfer

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7 thoughts on “What Kenny Perry and I Have in Common”

  1. “Ba-da-bum. (I’m glad you can’t throw tomatoes at me.)”

    I wouldn’t waste good tomatoes. 😉

    Seriously, I don’t think Kenny Perry has the kind of game that can win a British Open, and I think he knows it.

  2. I was reading today that his record in the Open isn’t bad, and after checking it he does have three top 15s in recent years. But that’s not really the point. He made his schedule and he’s keeping it. I think that’s OK.

  3. Not bad, but he hasn’t ever been a serious contender. I think it has a something to do with it, because if he thought he had a chance to win, he’d be over there in a heartbeat. A major win is a major win. In addition, with a lot of the top players in Great Britain, he can take advantage and pile up some more Ryder Cup and FedEx Cup points.

    I don’t mean to imply I have a problem with him sticking to his schedule, however.

  4. You know, this is the third blog I’ve seen (mine being one of them) that has said that Kenny should stick to his word and keep his schedule. I think the media who’s dogging Perry really need to take a good look at themselves because it seems to me that they might be out of touch with the rest of the golf viewing public. Too busy trying to create the news instead of reporting it.

  5. Not that Mr. Perry cares, but I think he’s making a mistake. He’s playing well enough to win, and there’s no Tiger–the opportunity of a lifetime. In no way does this take away from him as a great golfer and from what I’ve read, a stand-up guy who has helped others through his success. Golf is however a competition, and if I were his opponent at the Ryder Cup, I’d be a litlle motivated by the knowledge that he’s skipped the majors where the pressure is almost unbearable.

  6. With no Tiger I think he’s got a great chance. I’m really looking forward to watching him play and the Open in general. Should be a fantastic tournament as it’s wide open IMO.

  7. He should have played. I admire him and all he has done, but he is hot and has a good track record at the Open and is already a shoo in for the Ryder Cup. Johnson Wagner probably was planing on playing the Deposit Guaranty or whatever is opposite the Masters too until he won Houston. The majors are what it is all about…..He won’t be able to handle the pressure at Valhalla.


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