Watching the PGA on the Sly

I’m a dedicated golf guy. I’m also a dedicated family guy.

Sometimes the two come into conflict – like this weekend. When they do, family guy wins. I’m OK with that.

This weekend we were in Fairfax, VA (Washington DC area), for a children’s choir at George Mason University. My oldest daughter got to sing in an honors choir with kids from four states. It was one of those proud parent moments.

Consequently, keeping up with the PGA Championship took a back seat, although I did try to watch as much as I could. For example, when I took the kids to the hotel’s indoor pool on Saturday afternoon, I noticed a screen in the workout room that was tuned in to the PGA. I sneaked over to the workout room for several updates. Later, I watched about an hour and a half of coverage in the hotel room while my wife and the kids went to Whole Foods.

Unfortunately, I was shut out on Sunday. No final round action for me as we went to Mount Vernon to tour George Washington’s home (my idea), then hit the interstate for the six-hour trip home.

In case any of you also missed it, Tiger Woods won. For a few of my post-PGA observations, head over to Down the Middle.

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