Was This BMW a Clunker?

Was This BMW a Clunker? 12010 BMW Championship Recap

Winner: Dustin Johnson

Score: 9 under, 275 (68, 70, 68, 69)

Quote: “To finally get it done, after all the things I’ve gone through this summer, it can’t feel any better.”

Fact: Was singing Usher song on last two holes.

Thought: Game and attitude make DJ attractive Ryder Cup partner.

WAS THIS BEAMER A CLUNKER? Certainly not for Dustin Johnson, who wheeled his way to the biggest win of his career after runner-up Paul Casey rode the bogey train for three consecutive holes after holding the lead on the final nine. Good for Dustin. I think everyone feels that way after the tough summer he’s had. It was the fourth PGA Tour title for the 26-year-old touted by many as the next big thing.

The reason I wonder if the BMW Championship was a clunker is because so much of what I read was negative and then some. (I admit I didn’t see a lot of the third leg of the FedExCup playoffs.)

Much of the negativity had to do with the course. The Cog Hill renovations by Rees Jones were ripped by the players. Jones lengthened the course to 7,600-plus yards, worked on the bunkering and rebuilt all the greens. Phil Mickelson said in his pretend diplomatic style the course was “interesting” and that there was a lot of talk in the locker room. The undiplomatic Paul Casey said there are two things you don’t want to hear as a player. One of them was “Rees Jones.” Ouch. Even Mr. Nice Guy, Stewart Cink, called the place a “wreck.” Whoa. I guess they really didn’t like the course?

Among other unhappy campers were Charlie Wi and J.B. Holmes. Wi bogeyed the last two holes to shoot 74, finish T8 and lose his spot in the season-ending Tour Championship in Atlanta in two weeks. Charlie was so upset he left Cog Hill without speaking to PGA Tour officials or the media.

Holmes talked, more or less calling the playoffs points system “absolutely ridiculous.” J.B., who started in 18th place and is now history, said people who have played well all year can have a couple of bad tournaments and be eliminated. (Isn’t that like other sports?) The 2008 Ryder Cup hero has yet to play in a Tour Championship.

So, is the FedExCup an unfair system? Sure. No matter what the PGA Tour brass tries, they’ll never devise a playoff system that everyone likes or thinks is fair. It just won’t happen. They’ve already tried and tried and tried. It’s a convoluted system to wring out every last bit of interest there might be in professional golf at the end of a long season.

Geoff Ogilvy agrees. “Look, there is no exact, perfect way to do it.” If guys are choking (and they are) while trying to advance and chase $10 million, then something must be working. That’s my overly simplistic observation.

Everyone should take a page from Dustin. When golf seems unfair and things don’t go your way, shrug it off. Go trim your sideburns and spend time on your boat. Another tournament is coming. Well, unless you’re outside of the top 30 in points. In that case, there’s the Fall Series. And next season.

−The Armchair Golfer

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5 thoughts on “Was This BMW a Clunker?”

  1. Way to go Dustin Johnson on your much deserved 4th PGA TOUR win (BMW Championship) in 3 years on tour. This is just the beginning of a stellar career!!! Amazing talent, composure, attitude and sportsmanship. You are a class act and a true gentleman on the golf course. A true pleasure to watch compete. We should all stop focusing on the ones that got away and concentrate on the accolades he has accomplished at such a young age. DJ sure does not bellyache or whinny bag over what could have been. He looks to what was and what is going to be. The ones that got away are what showed the world what he is made of. You can really tell the greatness of an athlete by how he reacts when he loses, as opposed to how he acts when he wins. DJ never losses his temper, patients or wits. HE never makes excuses or places blame on anyone other then himself. He is gracious, charming, and charismatic. He is the epitome of the professional athlete. He is persistent and tireless in his pursuit to be a great golfer. He is a stand up guy that is capable of delivering in the clutch. People should also not confuse his shyness with being unfriendly or unkind. Keep doing what you are doing DJ, and thank you for all you do for the sport of golf, and all for all your much unmentioned philanthropy with the Dustin Johnson Foundation. Definitely the fan favorite for PLAYER OF THE YEAR.

  2. I really enjoyed watching the last day of the tournament and was thrilled for Mr. Johnson. I found it pretty exciting so I think they are doing something right.

    As for the course, I'm glad I didn't have to play it this weekend. Then again that would make me a PGA player, so I take that back.

  3. As a marshall at the BMW, the greens were in horrible shape. Plenty to complain about. As for the new design, tough. They were shooting for a US Open design and got it. I have played it since upgrade and it kicked my #@S.

    Now on to marshall at the Ryder Cup


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