Was Liberty National Better as a Munitions Dump?

Was Liberty National Better as a Munitions Dump? 1
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Out here, guys bitch about everything. They even bitch about the ice cream.
−Ed Dougherty, former PGA Tour player

I WAS REMINDED OF the above quote (one of my favorites) from reading some of the pros’ comments about Liberty National Golf Club, site of this week’s The Barclays, the first of four FedEx Cup Playoffs events. Many are obviously not fond of Liberty National, including Tiger Woods, who suggested that Tom Kite designed the track before Kite had his eye surgery.

Maybe Liberty National does stink (no pun intended about the former munitions dump and petroleum tank farm); I really don’t know. Decontaminating the land and building a golf club with views of Lady Liberty and Manhattan seems laudable to me. Call me naïve, Pollyanish.

Players will say what they want, which is fine. And I won’t be able to relate. Nor will I have sympathy for their disappointment with “the green complexes” or other course features. How could I? They’re playing for a $7.5 million purse this week. The winner of the FedEx Cup will walk off with $10 mil.

As for me, I don’t have the luxury of bitching about the ice cream. I’m just glad if I get some.

Paul Goydos and Steve Marino share the 54-hole lead. Several players are within striking distance. Tiger is five back.

−The Armchair Golfer

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3 thoughts on “Was Liberty National Better as a Munitions Dump?”

  1. I told my husband that I remember seeing something on TV (probably GC?) about them planning on building Liberty National on some kind of dump. I am glad that is true and I am not going nuts.

    I also get kind of sick and tired of pro athletes bitching about their jobs. I know that traveling a lot is hard, PIA, etc, but playing golf (or football or baseball) for living just doesn't suck.

  2. Until they start changing the holes after every 4 some….or making them hit over a Dragon's back I really wish Pro's would just learn the soundbites and shut up about the 'fairness' of courses.

    You all are playing the same track. You all have an equally fair or unfair chance. Get over it.

    More ice cream please?

  3. I guess this only shows that people are basically crazy and that everyone bitches about their job from time to time. Everything that's done for money is hard, else no one would be willing to pay you to do it. However, it seems to me that people that have jobs that others would kill for should be more thankful. These guys should compare notes with the guy trying to feed his family on a minimum wage salary.


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