Warm Up Your Brain for Better Golf

Do you have a solid warm-up routine that prepares you to play golf every time you go out? Even if you do, it might fall short of fully preparing you for your round.

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For many golfers, a warm-up routine includes some casual stretching and hitting a few shots with favorite clubs. It often concludes with the driver and the hope of walking to the first tee with some degree of confidence.

That seems like a reasonable approach, but is it truly an effective warm-up? No, not even close. The unfortunate truth is, hardly anyone comes close.

Let’s take a look at tour players.

Their typical pre-round routine lasts about two hours. It includes a session in the mobile tour gym and a personalized stretching session before they step foot on the driving range. Then tour players warm up with a combination of full swing shots, short game practice and putting before heading to the first tee.

That certainly sounds like a complete routine. But it’s not.

That typical pre-round routines ignores the most important part of the body that needs a proper warm-up.

Your mind.

You’ve probably heard this adage: “Golf is 90 percent mental and 10 percent physical.” So why, let’s say, should a large cup of coffee be the only warm-up for a golfer’s mind?

Consider this: Your mind is the functioning tool that operates every part of your body. The brain is the computer that drives your body’s motion.
Would you want to fly with a pilot that stumbled into the cockpit looking tired and worn out? Probably not if you cared about arriving safely at your destination.

Nor, if you want to perform your best, should you allow your golf game to be piloted by a groggy mind.

So, how can golfers “warm up” their brains?


It’s amazingly simple. THINQ golf is a free app that allows you to warm up your brain with ease using your smartphone. And it’s really fun! You play video games that stimulate your mind and prepare you like never before for the first tee and every shot that comes after.

Who uses it? College golf programs, an LPGA member and golf organizations, to give a few notable examples.

Add THINQ golf to your warm-up. By doing so you will “game your brain,” which can dramatically improve your game.

Sponsored by THINQ Golf.

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