VIDEO: Tom Lehman on Long Putter Controversy

(Note: Long putter talk begins at about the one-minute mark in video.)

TOM LEHMAN HAS PUTTED WITH THE SHORT putter, the long putter and, currently, is back to the short putter. Lehman says, for himself, there’s not a dramatic difference; it just depends on how he’s rolling the ball. Sometimes a change helps.

As for other tour players and the expected ban by the USGA and The R&A, Lehman starts out sounding diplomatic. But then he stakes out a position:

“The horses are way out of the barn by now. How do you call them back in? I’m personally not in favor of outlawing. I don’t think it makes that big of difference.”

What do you think? Ban anchoring or not? Or ban it for pros only and leave the poor amateurs alone?

From a pure spectator standpoint, I could enjoy the ban just to see how the anchoring boys adapted. I think it would be fun to watch. Is that wrong?

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3 thoughts on “VIDEO: Tom Lehman on Long Putter Controversy”

  1. Look,these guys play golf,it does not necessarily makes 'em very smart guys.
    I would ask Tom Lehman,should baseball not have stopped the 'roiders'cuz that horse had left the barn too Tom Lehman.
    Or better yet,should slavery be allowed to continue cuz it has existed for so many hundreds of years ?

    The integrity of the game needs to be policed by someone,The PGA and R&A just like baseball brass neglected to put an end to this practice cuz it looked sexy and they can bring more people into the game,well baseball"roiders" brought more people into their game too with their hundreds of home runs.

    It's pathetic,to see some of the flimsy excuses put forth by some of these guys.
    The question of time has nothing to do with correcting a wrong.
    U can't say look it's wrong but they have been doing it for 30 yrs so we can't do anything about it now,Which is what Lehman is saying.
    I used to think highly of Lehman but the more these guys open their pie holes,there is nothing note worthy of their intellect or integrity.

    I see Micklwson said the same thing Lehman did,I expected that from Mickelson,yeh the guy who used a 25 yr wedge to subvert the grooves rule. MR.impeccable character Phil.

  2. What a douche you are, Mr. Anonymous.
    I hardly think you are qualified to judge the opinions of people like Tom Lehman and Phil Mickleson.
    You think you have better character than Phil Mickleson? I doubt that very much.
    Just the fact that you compare putting with a long putter to condoning slavery shows what an idiot you are. There was no character at all shown there.


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