VIDEO: Recap of Capital One’s The Match With Tiger Woods, Peyton Manning, Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady Raising $2 Million for Covid-19 Relief

ABOVE IS A FULL RECAP of Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning’s 1-up victory over Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady in the 2020 Capital One’s The Match at Medalist Golf Club.

It was a huge succes because, if nothing else, the event featuring the four Hall of Famers raised $20 million for charity at a time when it’s sorely needed.

Tiger and Peyton played some fine golf. Woods looked especially sharp. I expect some of that came from being on his home course. Meanwhile, Phil and Tom struggled but hung around until the end.

The rain was relentless as the foursome soldiered on. They had no choice with a window of live coverage on TNT and millions of fans desperate to see a sporting event of any kind.

Peyton Manning is both fun-loving and funny. And the QB can play. His irons were talking at Medalist.

Tom Brady couldn’t get through a shot on the front nine. I actually felt sorry for him. That’s a first. Then No. 12 found a little something and played OK coming in.

Phil’s banter is entertaining … until it’s tiresome. As Tiger said, “Now you see what I have to deal with.”

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