VIDEO: Bryson DeChambeau Says ‘I Was Completely Embarrassed’

NBC SPORTS’ MIKE TIRICO SITS DOWN with Bryson DeChambeau after the young tour pro’s meltdown on the European Tour handed Richard McEvoy his first victory in 285 starts.

DeChambeau explains the situation, including all the context (his finish), that can’t be captured in the few frames of him breezing by McEvoy with only a hint of a handshake and congratulations.

DeChambeau is thoughtful and eloquent. He owns up to what happened, understands how bad it looked, but also fills us in on what the camera and social media fail to reveal. Good interview.

By the way, this instant vilification is a problem, isn’t it?

Every little thing is caught on video and magnified on social media. Some of it is newsworthy and even important, but a lot of it is plain silliness.

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