Ulysses S. Grant Earns Final Spot in PGC Field

Ulysses S. Grant Earns Final Spot in PGC Field 1ULYSSES S. GRANT WILL ROUND OUT the field of 16 in the first annual Presidents Golf Championship (PGC) that will be played at Augusta National Golf Club beginning in early January.

The other 15 competitors are all golfing presidents who were recently ranked in a Golf Digest article.

Grant’s at-large selection was based on the recommendation of guest PGC golf analyst Don Van Natta.

“As I write in First Off the Tee, Grant was the first president to actually hold a golf club in his hands,” Don said in an email. “He took a few practice swings, never made contact with the ball and declared the game a folly not worthy of his time.”

That shouldn’t be a problem since Grant, the No. 16 seed, faces top seed John F. Kennedy in the first round. (Special thanks to those who suggested other presidents for the 16th spot, including Andrew Jackson.)

Next week ARMCHAIR GOLF will profile the field and first-round matches.

Win an Autographed Copy of First Off the Tee

Through the end of the tournament (around Inauguration Day), ARMCHAIR GOLF will accept entries for a free autographed copy of Don Van Natta’s First Off the Tee: Presidential Hackers, Duffers, and Cheaters from Taft to Bush. Sign up at top right under the brown box.

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4 thoughts on “Ulysses S. Grant Earns Final Spot in PGC Field”

  1. Ted: I’ve heard that, to put it bluntly, Bill was a cheat. But apparently Grant has never made contact with a golf ball, so I’d say he’d be an underdog, even to Clinton.

    They’re going to play straight up, Bobbio. No strokes.


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