Two Women Ace Par Three on Consecutive Shots

A few weeks ago Nancy Hoover stepped up to the 127-yard par-three sixth hole on the Palmetto golf course on Callawassie Island off South Carolina.

Hoover swung her hybrid and admired what looked like a promising shot. It was. The ball landed short of the flag, took two hops and dove into the hole.

After the wild celebration died down, playing partner Kris Lehman reportedly joked, “Would you mind going up and getting that ball out of the hole, so when mine goes in it doesn’t pop out?”

Lehman pulled her 7-wood and made her swing. The ball flew to the right of the green, landing 30 feet from the hole. But wait — the ball kicked left and rolled and rolled and rolled until — UNBELIEVABLE! — it also fell into the hole.

“It was like everything happened in slow motion,” Hoover was quoted as saying.

With aces on consecutive shots, the two women beat odds of more than 17 million to one, according to Golf Digest.

My only question: Who bought the drinks?

The Armchair Golfer

P.S. The two women were also the same age: 66.

(Source: Golf 365)

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