Tour Pros Reveal Favorite Snacks

Tour Pros Reveal Favorite Snacks 1
This old standby is still in the golf bag.

WHAT DO TOUR PROS SNACK ON when they’re out on the golf course grinding for a decent score?

Nuts, for one thing. And lots of other stuff, according to “What’s in My Belly” from Golf Digest. Here’s a sampling.

Bill Haas: Dried berries and nuts. Doesn’t go for the PB&J sandwich—too lazy to make one.


Fredrik Jacobson: Venison jerky, made by his surfing buddy.

Adam Scott: Clif Bars.

Yani Tseng: Chocolate-covered almonds.

Aaron Baddeley: Also almonds, but of the Sesame Street variety.

Jim Furyk: Energy bars. Larabars are a favorite.

Steve Marino: Nunn tablets in water keep him energized.

Ben Crane: Back Nine Lytes (electrolyte) pills to stay hydrated.

Matt Kuchar: Unsalted almonds.

Brittany Lincicome: PB&J sandwiches, granola bars and bananas.

Ben Curtis: Peanut butter crackers, granola bars and Amino Vital.

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