Tom on Tour: AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am

The media fly. Tom drives. The media sleep in hotels. Tom sleeps in his car. The media sit in the media center. Tom walks the course. It’s the PGA Tour, seen and written differently. Following is an excerpt from Tom’s e-book on the 2010 AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am.

Tom on Tour: AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am 1By Tom Collins


(Note: Last week at the Northern Trust Open Tom added a “Tim Clark’s Posse” t-shirt to his wardrobe. The following occurred on Sunday at Pebble.)

OUT OF NOWHERE, a girl with blonde hair and sunglasses approached me from the right.

“So you’re a member of Tim Clark’s Posse?”

“Yeah. I was at Riviera last week, and I met this guy Billy—”

“Yeah, Billy! He sent me a picture with his little girl standing next to Tim’s bag. It was so cute. Oh, I’m sorry…I’m Candace, Tim’s wife.”

“Oh, wow. Really nice to meet you. I’m Tom.” We shook hands.

“I love that you’re wearing that shirt. You’re the first person I’ve seen with it on this year. I need to get a picture of us together. Um, excuse me, sir?”

The volunteer in front of us turned, confused.


“Could you take a picture of us?”

“Well…I don’t know…I don’t really want that camera taken away from you…or me to be kicked out.”

“Oh, well don’t worry about it. Come on, Tom. Um…oh! I see another member of the posse over there. He won’t care.”

She introduced me to a guy standing near us named Gabe, who also had a PGA Tour lanyard on. After the photo, we walked up to the green together. I gave her my card.

“Hey, do you think you could e-mail me that photo? I promise not to spam you.”

“Oh, no problem.”

“So you’re headed to the Accenture next week?”

“Yep. And depending on how far Tim gets, we may or may not be headed to Phoenix.”

“Anything I should know about Tucson or Phoenix before I go?”

“Um…well, the weather is just like this, but it really does get cold at night, so bring a jacket. And people in Phoenix party hard.”

“Yeah…I promised myself that for just one of the days in Phoenix, I’d park myself in the grandstand on 16 and drink all day.”

“Definitely go for it. You and 50,000 others will be doing the same thing.”

Tom Collins is a former caddie who is following the PGA Tour in 2010. Learn more about his original e-books at

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