Tiger’s Putting Problem

Tiger’s Putting Problem 1
Tiger Woods (McAlpine)

GOOD (OR GREAT) PUTTING TYPICALLY WINS majors. Mediocre or poor putting, even when other parts of the game are strong, doesn’t get the job done. This, to me, is the main reason Tiger Woods hasn’t won a major since June of 2008. He has been in contention many times.

An article on Monday pointed to this fact, or at least highlighted Tiger’s difficulty with the flatstick this season. From Reuters:

The cold black-and-white of certain key statistics underlines the perplexing nature of Woods’ 2012 PGA Tour campaign.

On the plus side, he leads the money list with earnings of $4,989,158 and, perhaps most crucially of all, he tops the scoring averages with 69.02.

However, with the putter, he lies only 41st in strokes gained — his performance relative to the rest of the tournament field. With putts between five and 10 feet, he languishes 79th in the PGA Tour charts and, from between 10 and 15 feet, he lies a staggering 145th.

It must be frustrating for Tiger: first in wins, first in money, and first in stroke average, but no majors. (Although I expect Tiger would call it progress, which, to be fair, it is compared to recent seasons.)

As Reuters said, “He just needs to get that putter, once a lethal weapon for him, firmly back on his side.”

And for four rounds. In the same week.

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7 thoughts on “Tiger’s Putting Problem”

  1. Very true the putting is the crucial part of the game especially at the professional level. When Tiger was winning everything his putting was superb. Whenever he had those must make 4 – 6 footers he would just about always make them.

    Remains to be seen if he can get his touch back to what it used to be.

  2. Seems to me folks,it's tiger's ability to read the putts that has eroded….most of the putts he keeps missing are poor reads.

    Fow whatever reason,Joe isn't consulted on putts….Stevie Williams used to be right in there offering reads.

    Go take a look at the 3rd round Deutscha,Tiger kept coming up short on about half a dozen birdie putts on soft greens.

  3. Armchair,I agree with you he putted well in Boston…but like the earlier poster,Tiger left several putts 3-4inches in front of the cup.

    The birdie putt on 17 in the final round was just a total mis-read.

    Rory & Louis almost all of their putts when they missed went by the hole at least 6-8inches,Tiger on the other hand was short with his putts.

    If you can go take a look at the final round on Tivo…..you will see what I am talking about….

    However,Tiger did putt better than he did the last 3yrs for sure!


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