Tiger Woods: ‘I Just Need More Repetitions’

Tiger Woods: ‘I Just Need More Repetitions’ 1
Tiger Woods. (Keith Allison/Flickr)

OK, HERE’S SOMETHING I LIKE about Tiger Woods. Tiger writes a pretty good newsletter. I know it gets delivered to the email inboxes of a gazillion other people, but I’m alright with that.

The one I received yesterday from Tiger was particularly newsy. He sounds like he’s ready to play this week.

“I’m looking forward to competing again at the Memorial Tournament,” Tiger wrote. “I’ve been working hard on my game since The Players Championship, although we’ve had a lot of rain recently in the Orlando area.”

Typical Tiger, he sounded an upbeat note about his play thus far in 2009, saying, “I just need more repetitions.” You can bet he’s looking ahead to Bethpage, just two weeks away.

“The U.S. Open will be here soon. I’m definitely going to try to go to Bethpage to play and take a look at the course. They’ve made a few changes since I won there in 2002 and I want to check them out.”

Notice how he mentioned “since I won there.” With the Masters in his rear-view mirror (and no win), I’m sure Tiger is committed to a strong defense of his U.S. Open title and anxious to add to his major wins count. He needs five to break Jack’s record. It’s time to get those Nike golf clubs clicking.

The newsletter also covered Tiger Jam, Amy Mickelson’s breast cancer diagnosis, the death of Bob Rosburg, World Golf Hall of Fame inductee Jose Maria Olazabal and the Lakers-Magic matchup in the NBA Finals.

Tiger, I have one suggestion: Get off the fence on the Lakers-Magic series. You’re for the Lakers. It’s OK. Just say it.

Woods File

Turned pro: 1996
Birthplace: Cypress, California
College: Stanford University
World ranking: 1
PGA Tour wins: 66
Major wins: 14
Equipment: Nike

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4 thoughts on “Tiger Woods: ‘I Just Need More Repetitions’”

  1. I guarantee he wanted Cleveland/Lakers, not Orlando, IF he is a basketball fan.

    Jack liked his swing today and made the comment he thought Tiger could break his record without playing really well.

    Wow! I thought I was part of a very small, unique group getting newsletters from Tiger. You, too??

  2. I'm glad you called him out on the Lakers/Magics series as well – but you said it much more nicely 😉

    And it is nice that he sends out a newsletter. I'll have to sign up.

  3. Still a little rust in Tiger's swing. What do you expect after 8 months off…he is human.

    If Tiger stays in shape he still has 15 good years on the tour.

    He probably will end up winning 25 to 30 majors.


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