4 thoughts on “Tiger Woods Comments on Current Events”

  1. This last comment is the first time it seems that Tiger may be admitting to doing something wrong. While again nothing is said about why he left at 2:25 a.m. the other morning, this is an apology for something. It's really sad to see that at least some of the rumors are likely true. The voice message that the stupid "insert obscenity of choice here" sold to US Weekly really sounds like him. He hasn't denied it being his voice on the message.

    I really like Tiger and I can't quite wrap my head around why he would cheat. His wife is hot.

    It's a sad mess that he's found himself in, but the timing of it all really makes things weird. He gets in this unusual car accident by himself where he does pretty heavy damage to his car and injures himself pulling out his driveway and now all of a sudden rumors pop up about him having an affair over the last two years? Very strange.

    I know you've remained nuetral and think he doesn't owe you anything, which I agreed with entirely, but the more stuff comes out the more it seems like he has something that needs clearing up. What do you think?

  2. I think his second statement, although not specific, addresses personal failings (since he already addressed the car accident in an earlier statement). I doubt that he will go into detail about those failings and transgressions, as he calls them. He has acknowledged them and doesn't want to publicly air every detail. Some might want that and feel like they're owed that. I'm not a part of that group. Tiger is a great golfer. But he's also a man, not a god. That shouldn't be a scoop. I knew that before November 27.


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