Tiger Woods Appears at School Career Day

WHEN I SAW THE ABOVE TWEET about Tiger Woods coming to Mrs. Todd’s 3rd grade class for career day, one of my initial thoughts was that some unlucky dad (or mom) might have had to follow him. Which would be brutal, right?

Even if the kids don’t know him (and understand he’s one of the few people to dominate a ridiculously hard game), he looks pretty cool, for a dad.

Thankfully, it has been many years since I went to career day at Floyd Elementary School. All I could think at the time was please, please, please don’t make me follow the police officer, who, of course, was dressed in full uniform. He had a gun strapped to his hip.

I’m a writer and I work at home. I had a pen in my pocket. It’s hard to explain my work, even to adults, and definitely not cool. But I went.

And so did Tiger. Good for him. Take away the sticks and he’s just a dad, like the rest of us. With a lot better Nike gear.

In other Tiger Woods news, Tiger said at his website that he hopes to play in the Safeway Open, an October event in Napa, California.

“My rehabilitation is to the point where I’m comfortable making plans, but I still have work to do,” Tiger said. “Whether I can play depends on my continued progress and recovery. My hope is to have my game ready to go.”

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