Tiger Woods Apologizes to Ryder Cup Rookies

Tiger Woods Apologizes to Ryder Cup Rookies 1
Tiger Woods endured another disappointing Ryder Cup. (Allison)

AFTER THE COMPLETION OF THE RECENT Ryder Cup that saw the Americans blow a 10-6 lead on the final day and lose the Cup to the Europeans, Tiger Woods took aside the U.S. team’s rookies—Keegan Bradley, Jason Duffner, Brandt Snedeker and Webb Simpson—for a private chat. Behind closed doors the 14-time major champion told the boys he was sorry he didn’t earn more points.

GolfChannel.com reported:

Appearing on “Morning Drive,” Rosaforte revealed, “Brandt shared with me (at his fundraiser in Memphis) that Tiger got all the rookies in a room, closed the door and personally apologized to everyone for not doing more, for not getting the points he needed to get to get a U.S. victory. For people who don’t think Woods really cares, whenever that turn or that pivot occurred in his career, it has fully turned.”

 Tiger was 0-3-1 at Medinah. His overall Ryder Cup record is 13-17-3.

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5 thoughts on “Tiger Woods Apologizes to Ryder Cup Rookies”

  1. Neil,

    I'm interested in your thoughts on why Ryder Cup play (or match play in general) seems to bear so many different results than normal tournaments.

    I mean Tiger certainly isn't the only top golfer in recent memory to struggle in Ryder Cup competition — particularly compared to his normal tournament resume. And then there are guys like Poulter who raise their performance level in the Ryder Cup (and other match play events).

    Is it all psychological? Or perhaps it is just luck, statistical anomalies.

    I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts on this.

  2. He should have apologized to all Americans..
    What a pathetic performance from a guy who is supposed to be the preeminent golfer of the day.
    Go back & look at friday afternoon's play,particularly that simple birdie putt he missed on 16 or was it 17.
    Then his play on sunday,well just damn insulting…he couldn't put the Euros weakest player away.

    I keep telling people that he can't make a simple 6-8ft putt cuz he keeps reading breaks when there is none.This guy was a stud with the putter now he is a dud.

    Is it foretelling of his decline,I think it is but for certainty I will see what he does the next 6 months to form a definte conclusion.

    Look,he will still win tournaments here & there but will he be that A-plus player he was ,not likely.

  3. Anon,seems the hardest thing for most athletes is to recognize that the magic is over.Go take a look at the endless list of sports stars who are still trying to hang on for a couple more yrs of glory.

    Tiger is no different,his good days are gone & like you pointed out,he will still win a couple here & there because he is that good but the incredible player that was Tiger Woods has left the building.

    Hope I am wrong because Woods in his day Tiger was a magnificent talent.

  4. Why does Tiger have to apologize to anyone?

    All anyone can ask is that someone does their very best and gives it everything they have.

    I assume Tiger did this, but just didn't play his best golf.

    It happens, its golf and you can't win everytime.

  5. No doubt the manner in which Woods conceeded the Ryder Cup was unfortunate for the fans. But he is still a great player, and the best player of his generation. It will be interesting to see how he gets on next Monday (29th Oct) when he face current World #1 Rory McIlroy in'The Duel' at Jinsha lake Golf Club, China. Personally, I think it will be a great match play event, and I can't wait to see the outcome. I've heard that its not being shown on television, but Austraian site Spondo are broadcasting the event, http://spondo.com/golf/; an Tiger Woods tweeted that its available on http://www.golf.com.au. Hope this is helpful to enyone else who is excited about the event.


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