Tiger Woods and Roger Federer Hope to Regain Form in Miami

The world’s greatest golfer and the world’s greatest tennis player will attempt to resume their winning ways in Miami this week. And they may slip away to watch each other in action.

Roger Federer saw his 41-game win streak snapped in Indian Wells on March 11. Tiger is coming off a disappointing 22nd place finish at the Arnold Palmer Invitational, breaking a streak of 13 consecutive top-ten finishes in worldwide events.

In a Golf.com article, both said they enjoy watching each other compete. Although Federer admits it’s hard to be a Tiger spectator. Mostly what you see is peoples’ backs.

Tiger also has a competitive advantage, according to Federer.

“He (Tiger) has it easier,” Federer was quoted as saying (with a smile). “He’s playing on grass all the time, whereas I have to go to different surfaces.”

Roger that.

Of course, Federer plays the same-sized tennis court each week. The lines are uniform. The net is always the same height. And the player on the other side of the net almost always loses.

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7 thoughts on “Tiger Woods and Roger Federer Hope to Regain Form in Miami”

  1. For some reason I have this creepy feeling every time I think of Federer and Woods as friends. It’s like they are friends because people expect them to be because they are ranked #1 in their sports. All the press people wanted them to meet, then wanted them to appear together. It’s just weird.

  2. It’s lonely at the top. (At least that’s what I’ve heard.) Tiger and Roger do share a unique position in their respective sports (and the history of their sports). It makes sense that they would be drawn to one another. The media attention it receives is a bit odd and forced, like so many other things in this insane infotainment-crazed world. And here I am posting about it, so I guess I’m guilty, too.

  3. GOLF vs. TENNIS – Both Golf and Tennis have 4 majors every year. Play 4 round of golf and you can win a major. Play 7 rounds of tennis and you can win a tennis major. Have a bad round of Golf? don’t worry your total scored are added. Have a bad round of tennis and YOUR OUT OF THE TOURNAMENT. Golf is played on grass. Tennis is played on grass, clay, hardcourt, and synthetic carpet. A tennis ball can move over 140mph and you have to swing and move your feet in all directions to get it back. A golf ball moves at 0-mph before you hit it and you are practically standing still when you hit it. When tennis player’s get to old and out of shape to play tennis a lot of them play golf. When golfers get to old and out of shape to play golf THEY DON’T PLAY TENNIS. Golfers argue Tiger has to play the field? The field never gets eliminated like in a tennis match play format. Tiger match play as a pro is not great. If he played the majors in a 7 round match play elimination format like tennis he would not have as many majors today.

  4. TIGER vs. ROGER – THE TRUTH – Golf and tennis have 4 majors every year. Tiger won his first major in 1997. From 1997-2007 Tiger has won 13 out of 44 majors. A wining percentage of 29.54%. Tiger is age 31. Roger won his first major in 2003. From 2003-2007 Roger has won 12 out of 20 majors. A wining percentage of 60%. Roger is only age 26. Looking at the stats who would you bet on to win more majors in 2008 Tiger or Roger? Next in 2008 Roger could become the ALL TIME GRAND SLAM LEADER if he wins 3 more passing Pete Sampras record of 14. TIGER CAN’T he still needs 6 more to pass Jack N. record of 18. In 2007 Roger won WIMBLEDON for the 5th consecutive year in a row. And you thought Tiger was dominant on grass? Any doubt on who DOMINATES his sport more?

  5. TIGER vs. ROGER – WHY IS TIGER MORE POPULAR AND WELL KNOWN THAN ROGER? – #1. Tiger is American. #2. Tiger is multi-racial. #3. Who do you know that has the name Tiger? ROGER IS NOT AS POPULAR AND WELL KNOWN IN THE U.S. – #1 Roger is not American he is Swiss/South African. #2. He does not have a unique name like Tiger, just a plain name Roger. #3. He is low key and doesn’t get a lot of hype like Tiger does just for showing up to a tournament. #4. He is the Anti-Anna Kournikova of tennis. Everyone knows who she is and she hasn’t won anything. BOTTOM LINE – ROGER FEDERER DOMINATES TENNIS RIGHT NOW MORE THAN TIGER DOMINATES GOLF. Finally, Tiger himself and Pete Sampras called ROGER FEDERER THE MOST DOMIANT ATHLETE ON THE PLANET. You may disagree, but you, your golf buddy, or any of these sporswriters don’t know more than Tiger or Pete when it comes to the subject of being dominant in a sport. You may be a CHEERLEADER for Tiger but you would not put your money where your mouth is and bet that in 2008 Tiger would win more majors than Roger.

  6. what a little lunatic this prick is! you have way too much time on your hands. why not appreciate both of them for setting new bars in their respective sports!! there is no comparison between both sports


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