Tiger Will Turn in His Buick Keys

Tiger Will Turn in His Buick Keys 1MY GRANDFATHER ALWAYS DROVE Buicks. I remember visiting my grandparents when they lived in Shelbyville, Indiana. He had a Buick Special similar to the one pictured, except it was yellow and white. My grandmother, on the other hand, drove an Oldsmobile 88.

Later they drove a succession of Buick LeSabres. My grandparents liked GM products and never strayed into Ford country, although gramps did buy a Pontiac late in his life, which was a bit of a shock after so many Buicks had sat in his driveway.

Buick man Tiger Woods will end his association with the car maker at the end of this year. Buick is trying to cut expenses and Tiger’s endorsement deal is worth an estimated $7 million per year, a jaw-dropping sum to many.

I know it would be to my gramps, who bought all his cars new (with cash) and drove them for about eight years because, well, you could do that in those days.

−The Armchair Golfer

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  1. I still drive my ’90 Ford Ranger. I’ve had it since I was a senior in high school (’95), and at this point, I’d miss it too much to get rid of it, even if it’s not as cool as it used to be.

    It seems that the golf audience would be a good target market for Buick, but I guess GM is in too much trouble to be signing any huge contracts.



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