Tiger on Rory Rivalry

Tiger on Rory Rivalry 1
Better days in 2012.

TIGER WOODS PUBLISHED HIS YEAR-END MESSAGE on Monday. Tiger covered a range of topics, including the emergence of Rory McIlroy and his potential rivalry with the Irish star and new world No. 1:

Rory McIlroy had a wonderful year, and my hat is off to him. He deserved Player of the Year. Whether we develop a rivalry remains to be seen. Let’s just let it play out and see where it takes us. We’ll look at the results the next five or 10 years and see if it becomes a rivalry or not. We’ll have to win big events and play each other down the stretch. That hasn’t happened yet. We’ve only played each other at Honda down the stretch. We need a lot more of those type of battles, but in bigger events.

On 2013:

Looking ahead to next year, I’m just trying to win those big four tournaments, and obviously try to use other events to prepare for them and try to win them as well. I’ve had to alter my practice schedule because my kids come first. They’re my No. 1 priority. It takes a little better time management on my part to figure all that out, but I expect to play a similar number of events.

Tiger also said he was pleased with his three-win 2012 season and the ability to practice and play without being hurt. He’s excited about the holidays with his kids, saying the best present he ever received was space Legos.

As for me, I fondly recall a long-ago race-car set that occupied the living-room floor for several days after Christmas.

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