Three Congressmen Take to the Golf Course

Three Congressmen Take to the Golf Course 1

THE PEOPLE HAVE LONG been dissatisfied with Congress, but that hasn’t discouraged its Members from escaping to a golf course to chop away at the small ball. Here we have evidence from 1926 during the Calvin Coolidge administration. (Coolidge, by the way, was a lousy golfer. Real Clear Sports ranked him No. 1 on their list of Top 10 Least Athletic Presidents.)

The above three Congressmen (names not disclosed) are enjoying a round at Chevy Chase Club in Maryland, not far from Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. I like the fellow on the far left. There’s something about his equipment, attire and demeanor that tells me he lightened the wallets of his playing partners.

−The Armchair Golfer

(Image: Public Domain, Library of Congress)

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  1. For one thing, the guy on the left is carrying his clubs like he's been there before. And I agree he's looks like he's got a secret about how the day is going to go.

    I wish my bag was as small and light as those look, but I don't count 14 clubs either.


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