The Golf Ball Guide: Multi-Piece Golf Balls

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GOLF BALLS WITH THREE OR MORE PIECES are a good choice for middle- to low-handicap golfers. Multi-piece balls typically enhance feel and spin to give higher-skilled golfers more shot control. In addition, multi-piece construction that includes mantle layering enables manufacturers to target playability features by adding unique layers to the golf ball.

Following are some representative multi-piece golf balls made by various companies.





Bridgestone E6 Soft Three-piece ball with ionomer cover and Delta dimple
Long, straight distance, with soft feel.


Callaway Superhot 70 Three-piece ball with ionomer cover and 332 Hex
Aerodynamic dimple pattern.
Combination of distance, accuracy and feel. 70


Srixon Z Star Three-piece ball with a urethane cover and 338 Speed
dimple pattern.
Feel and control for mid- to high-swing speeds. 88


TaylorMade Project (a) Three-piece ball with SoftTech™ (urethane) cover and 360
dimple pattern.
Soft feel and tour spin, plus distance. 70 compression.


Titleist NXT Tour Three-piece ball with Fusablend® (ionomer) cover and 302
octahedral dimple pattern.
Soft feel combined with distance and durability. High


Titleist Pro V1 Three-piece ball with soft Urethane Elastomer™ cover and
352 tetrahedral dimple pattern.
Very soft feel. Short game spin and control. Distance and
durability. Upper 80s compression.


Wilson Staff DUO Spin Three-piece ball with ionomer cover and 302 dimple
Very soft and extra greenside spin as compared to the DUO.
35 compression.


Bridgestone Tour B330 B Mark Four-piece ball with SlipRes (urethane) cover and 330 Dual
dimple pattern.
Distance ball for players with swing speeds of 105 mph or
faster. High compression.


Callaway Chrome Soft and Chrome Soft X Four-piece ball with Tour Urethane cover and 332 Hex
Aerodynamics dimple pattern.
Soft feel, low spin off tee for distance, greenside
control. Low compression.


Nike RZN Tour Platinum and Tour Black Four-piece ball with urethane cover and 344 dimple pattern
that includes 13,558 micro dimples.
Tour-level ball built for distance and feel. 74


Srixon Z-Star XV Four-piece ball with SpinSkin (urethane) cover and 338
Speed dimple pattern.
Soft feel and enhanced spin for faster swing speeds. 105


TaylorMade Tour Preferred Four-piece ball with SoftTech™ (urethane) cover and 322
dimple pattern.
Soft feel with tour-level performance for all swing
speeds. 80 compression.


Titleist Pro V1x Four-piece ball with soft Urethane Elastomer™ cover and
328 tetrahedral dimple pattern.
Soft feel, high flight and extra spin for greenside
control. High compression.


TaylorMade TP5 Five-piece ball with Dual-Spin (urethane) cover and 322
seamless dimple pattern.
Soft feel and long distance. High spin for wedge play. 83


*Approximate price ranges from golf retailers:
$ = under $25

$$ = $25 to $39.99

$$$ = $40 and more

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