‘TEE IT FORWARD’: Joint PGA-USGA Initiative Begins July 5th

By PGA of America

“TEE IT FORWARD,” A NEW national initiative to help golfers have more fun on the golf course by playing from a set of tees best suited to their abilities, kicks off on Tuesday, July 5, at golf facilities nationwide.

Launched in May at the Senior PGA Championship, the new initiative encourages all golfers to play the course at a length that matches their average driving distance. Golfers can enjoy the game more and potentially speed up play by using tees that offer greater playability.

‘TEE IT FORWARD’: Joint PGA-USGA Initiative Begins July 5th 1“We are excited that TEE IT FORWARD has been enthusiastically received by both PGA Professionals and consumers,” said PGA President Allen Wronowski. “The PGA would like to thank the USGA and Barney Adams, founder of Adams Golf, for their efforts in helping generate the tremendous interest in TEE IT FORWARD.”

Through TEE IT FORWARD, amateur golfers can play a golf course at the same relative 18-hole yardage as a tour professional. Golfers tee off from distances that are aligned with their abilities, resulting in fewer shots, shorter distances traveled on each hole, and, potentially, fewer lost balls.

The PGA and USGA are providing TEE IT FORWARD information, including a suggested distance chart, to more than 11,000 U.S. facilities. Jack Nicklaus, Paula Creamer and Dustin Johnson are featured on the poster.

To see a chart that provides guidelines for aligning driving distance with total course length, visit PlayGolfAmerica.com/TEEITFORWARD.

TEE IT FORWARD Feedback and Sweepstakes

Golfers who TEE IT FORWARD are encouraged to provide feedback about their experience at PlayGolfAmerica.com/TEEITFORWARD.

A sweepstakes will be conducted of all eligible persons who submit their comments prior to July 17, 2011. One Grand Prize winner will receive a stay-and-play package for four at Kiawah Island (South Carolina) Golf Resort. One runner-up will receive two tickets to the 2012 U.S. Open Championship. A second runner-up will receive two tickets to the 2012 PGA Championship.

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7 thoughts on “‘TEE IT FORWARD’: Joint PGA-USGA Initiative Begins July 5th”

  1. I have seen this before and it is interesting but there is a lot more to golf than one's drive. I am willing to bet that even if one played the recommended length course for one's length of drive, that the scores would not be much better. Does the PGA believe that by playing their recommended tees, that the average golfer will shoot around par? I don't think so. Speed up play? I don't think so. Have more fun? Maybe.
    Should we try something different anyway? Why not.

    Truth is that the average score for men is 97 and 114 for women. This has been the same for years and is not improving.

    Author of "Triangulate Your Golf Swing."

  2. I agree there's more to golf than one's drive, but it seems intuitive that playing tees and distances within one's capabilities is bound to make golf more enjoyable and can lower scoring. For example, would you rather hit a hybrid or a 7-iron on your approach shot to a par 4? Don't you think hitting a 7-iron would make the game a bit easier?

  3. No doubt it will make a round much easier, expecially if you get your drive straight. I think its a good idea to try to maybe get people playing more often. They have tried similar modifications (mainly for kids) in many other sports and it has helped improve development. Will it work for golf? Not so sure, but I guess its worth a try

  4. I totally agree that something has to be done. Golf rounds have steadily declined over the last four years. But, I just wonder if this is the solution and if courses are willing to pay for 8 sets tees.

  5. I heard Jim Vernon, past president of the PGA, promoting Tee I Forward on television during the US Open. I have always been a short hitter and even though I qualified to hit from the senior tees, my ego always got in the way. Last week I played from the senior tees and guess what. I had more fun, was more competitive with my son and son-in-law and played better since I was using different clubs to approach the greens. Tee It Forward has renewed my interest in the game. I suggest leaving your "ego" in the car and you too will enjoy playing golf more than ever

  6. Our club is creating lady senior tees. Yes, about time. My husband just moved up 700 yards at 70 years. He tees off right behind me. We senior ladies need this. Now the under 65 want to move up a bit too. Three sets of ladies tees, WOW what a concept. About time. Most of us gals shoot in our 80's high 90's. Ladies are golfers too!


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