Back Story: Tiger Not Only One Hurting

By John Christensen Copyright © 2014 John Christensen. All rights reserved. Used with permission. Tiger Woods (Allison) TIGER WOODS MAY RECOVER FROM his back injury and play more Masters, and he might even win more majors. But another important story after his recent surgery—the back story, if you will—is that Tiger’s not the only one … Read more

Book Excerpt: ‘Perfect Swing, Imperfect Lies’ By John Christensen

Used with permission. Copyright © 2013 John Christensen. In 1974, 64-year-old journeyman pro Mike Austin set a world record by driving a golf ball 515 yards. Although he had celebrity clients, appeared in Hollywood films and was called “a real-world Indiana Jones,” Austin died in 2005 bitter and virtually unknown. Now, however, he has a … Read more