Super Bowl Hype: Golf Digest’s Top 10 Gridiron Golfers

Super Bowl Hype: Golf Digest’s Top 10 Gridiron Golfers 1
Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo studies more than film.

I GUESS I’VE SOLD OUT, a golf cog in the Super Bowl hype machine. In case you haven’t heard, it’s Super Bowl week. The New York Giants play the New England Patriots in Naptown on Sunday. I’m for the Giants. Something like 11 million pounds of potato chips will be consumed during the game. (I read that in Parade.)

Anyway, let’s get to the Golf Digest list, shall we? These are the top 10 NFLers (and four bonus players) with an affinity for the small ball. Three of them, by the way, are playing in The Big Game.

1. Tony Romo.

The Dallas Cowboys quarterback has been as low as a plus 3.3 handicap. That’s real good.

2. Peyton Manning.

The injured Colts QB is a 4.6 handicap. My cousin has played with him in fundraisers. Sometimes I kid him about getting us a game with Peyton.

3. Ben Roethlisberger.

Pittsburgh’s “Big Ben” is also a tough customer on the golf course. His handicap index has been as low as .4.

4. Aaron Rodgers.

The Green Bay Packers quarterback is a respectable single-digit-handicap golfer.

5. Tom Brady.

Has a “decent” golf game. I hope he loses on Sunday.

6. Drew Brees.

The New Orleans QB shot a 102 in the U.S. Open challenge at Pebble Beach.

7. Eli Manning.

A 7.1 handicapper, I hope the Giants quarterback is holding the Vince Lombardi Trophy on Sunday night.

8. Matthew Stafford.

Detroit Lions QB. Golf game unknown.

9. Sam Bradford.

St. Louis Rams player who is a scratch or better golfer.

10. Matt Schaub.

The Houston Texans quarterback is listed as a 7 handicap.


Wes Welker. Much better pass catcher than golfer.

Mark Ingram. New Orleans Saints running back who once shot a 69. In the 8th grade. Boom!

Jay Cutler. A 12 handicap. Let’s move on.

Tim Tebow. Please. Have you seen this guy’s swing? Holy … nevermind.

−The Armchair Golfer

(Photo credit: Keith Allison, Flickr, Creative Commons license)

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