Straight Talk from Scott Hoch

Straight Talk from Scott Hoch 1John McCain doesn’t have anything on Scott Hoch when it comes to straight talk. I’ve always liked Hoch. Some people think he’s a jerk, but I’ve always found his candor refreshing.

Hoch won the Allianz Championship on Sunday by birdieing five of the last eight holes, including the 17th and 18th. It was his second Champions Tour title.

Hoch has always had a lot of game, and had he coaxed in a two-footer at the 1989 Masters his golf legacy would be different. As it is, Hoch had 11 PGA Tour wins and 15 top tens in majors. Not bad at all. I got to meet Hoch in a hotel lobby last summer and hear some banter between him and another pro.

Hoch once referred to St. Andrews as “the worst piece of mess” he had ever seen. Others have made similar comments, both publicly and privately. In fact, I talked to a retired Tour player the other day who said as much. It’s not an unusual first reaction to the Old Course.

I’m glad Hoch doesn’t shy away from saying what he really thinks. A little straight talk is good for the game.

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  1. My take on this is that there is another force at work that has significantly reduced the straight talk from tour pros – sponsorship dollars. With so much money being poured into player’s pockets, they don’t want to rock the boat at corporate headquarters.

    Hoch’s candor is certainly refreshing.


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