Stolen 2009 Golf Predictions

Stolen 2009 Golf Predictions 1Lorena Ochoa (dnkbdotcom/Flickr)

I’M WAY LATE to the predictions party, but I feel a certain obligation to post some anyway. Plus, there’s a distinct advantage. I can use the predictions of others instead of coming up with my own. Here we go.

1. Tiger Woods will make his return at the CA Championship at Doral.
From Bob Weeks at ScoreGolf. Sure, why not?

2. Michelle Wie will win on the LPGA Tour.
From Brandel Chamblee at the Golf Channel. (Just going along with others who have Wie on their prediction list.)

3. Phil Mickelson prediction goes here.

I’m still looking for one I like.

4. John Daly prediction goes here.


5. Due to cutbacks everywhere, “golf” will lose a letter in 2009 and will henceforth be known as “gof.”
Still trying to remember where I found this. There’s definitely some weird stuff on the Web. (OK, I’m fessing up: it’s mine.)

6. Sergio Garcia will win a major.

Actually, I’m going out on a limb and calling this one my own. I’m going to make this prediction every year because some year it will come true.

7. Lorena Ochoa will get engaged.

(I wanted to get at least one right.)

−The Armchair Golfer

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8 thoughts on “Stolen 2009 Golf Predictions”

  1. Bobbio, Tom, what can I say? You guys are rock solid, as always. Thanks for putting yourself out there.

    By the way, I forgot one — and it’s a doozy: Tiger Woods will speak at the inauguration.

  2. I always predict that Sergio will win a Major, and this year will be no different – sure he’ll let me down again though!

    Bobbio – i like your style. Ogilvy is a great golfer, with a fantastic temperament, and i wouldn’t be surprised to see his name on a Major this year. But then agian i am biased 🙂

  3. 4. At the Equatorial New Guinea Invitational, John Daly accidentally eats Tad Fujikawa who was loitering dangerously close to the buffet table . Daly is let off with a warning after Mr. Fujikawa is burped up whole.


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