Statement? You Tell Me, Says Sorenstam

Statement? You Tell Me, Says Sorenstam 1
Lorena Ochoa and Annika Sorenstam.
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Annika Sorenstam left it up to the scribblers to decide the significance of her season-opening win at the SBS Open at Turtle Bay in Kahuku, Hawaii. It was Sorenstam’s 70th LPGA Tour title.

“What kind of statement do you think this makes?” Annika was asked at the post-tournament press conference. “With Lorena playing so well last year and you were injured last year, what kind of statement do you think this victory sends to them?”

“You tell me,” Annika replied. “I don’t know how you feel about it. But I feel great. I’m excited to be back. I got a win here. I think that’s going to be easier the rest of the year for me.

“Again, knowing that I’m swinging better again and knowing that the desire is there. Those are two key components to play well. Last year the desire wasn’t there. And my swing was definitely not there. Now it is. And, like I said, those are two important components you need to play well and to be the top player out here.”

Statement? It’s just one tournament, but I think Annika is healthy again and very determined. She’s back.

Still, Annika faces a tough assignment to reclaim world number one from Lorena Ochoa, who keeps getting better. And there are a handful of other LPGA Tour players ready to challenge at every tournament. It should be an interesting year.

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  1. It’s difficult to root for Annika over Lorena or vice-versa. They both have a terrific game and they both seem to be a credit to their sport. They’ve made women’s golf almost as watchable as the PGA Tour.


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