Sheriff Harrington Wins Shootout at PGA Championship

Sheriff Harrington Wins Shootout at PGA Championship 1THERE’S A NEW SHERIFF ON TOUR, and he has an Irish brogue and answers to “Paddy.” Padraig Harrington is his full name, and he’s one cold-blooded major winner, snatching two in a row and three of the last six.

On Sunday at Oakland Hills, Sheriff Harrington again shot that Spanish gun named Sergio Garcia right through the heart. Padraig holed three killer mid-range putts on the last three holes. (And I thought there was only one golfer on the planet who did this stuff.)

The new sheriff posted 66-66 in the final two rounds. Bam bam! You’re all dead.

(By the way, I must have completely missed the day Tiger Woods deputized Padraig Harrington and gave the Irishman instructions to run things until he, Sheriff Woods, returns.)

I’ve been traveling the last day and a half, so I’m late to the post-PGA party. But I did see the final nine holes yesterday afternoon at Oakland Hills. I was transfixed. Ben Curtis, Garcia and Harrington were slashing away, up one minute, down the next.

Sergio’s closing 69-68 was very good, but not good enough. Curtis played himself on to the U.S. Ryder Cup team. And what can you say about Harrington?

Padraig made history and maybe, just maybe, there’s finally a guy not named Tiger who can win majors on a regular basis. I’m impressed.

−The Armchair Golfer

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  1. Right you are, Goods. It always comes down to the putter. Those three putts Harrington holed on the final three holes were phenomenal. Bill: Yes, too bad for Sergio. I think he can win a major if he doesn’t get too demoralized.


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