Seve Ballesteros Plans Farewell Appearance at 2010 British Open

Seve Ballesteros Plans Farewell Appearance at 2010 British Open 1“Probably some people will feel sorry for me, but I feel I’m a very lucky person because throughout my life I have so many great moments that I feel I have lived two or three lives.”
−Seve Ballesteros

I JUST READ AT BBC SPORT that Seve Ballesteros plans to play in the 2010 British Open at St. Andrews. The Spaniard won the second of his three Open Championships at The Old Course in 1984. He also won in 1979 and 1988, both times at Royal Lytham and St. Annes.

“If things go normally, I promise I will be there to say goodbye and thank you for all you have done throughout the years,” Seve told BBC Sport.

Pass the Kleenex. It will be the kind of sports theater that will make grown men cry.

Seve endured four surgeries for a brain tumor and related swelling. It has adversely affected the sight in his left eye. Long putting is now difficult, he said. But last fall Seve was fighting for his life in a Barcelona hospital. What a gift it must be just to be on the golf course again.

For his career, Seve has 90 worldwide wins, including 50 on the European Tour, nine PGA Tour titles and five majors.

−The Armchair Golfer

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3 thoughts on “Seve Ballesteros Plans Farewell Appearance at 2010 British Open”

  1. Seve really is something special.

    To this day, when playing a casual round with friends, if I find myself in trouble off the tee and get a little needling about my predicament, my reaction is usually something like, "You just watch this Seve shot coming up." Everyone knows that I'm talking about a swashbuckling miracle shot full of creativity and style. One that I don't usually pull off, but that he usually did, and with flair.

    I'm sorry to see him go, but given where he was at not too long ago, I'm still happy for him, that he gets to say farewell on his own terms.

  2. Seve is a perfect example of how golf can be played in a recovery mode. I've often wondered why, if he could hit such great recovery shots, he had so much trouble with the shot that caused him the difficulty. It doesn't matter…he is a credit to his profession and to the human race. Too bad we don't have more players around right now as opposed to people with technically perfect swings.


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