Sergio Garcia Rolls Into Redemptionville

Sergio Garcia Rolls Into Redemptionville 1
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IT WAS THE SEVEN FEET that Sergio Garcia conquered on the 72nd hole that won him one of the most-coveted trophies in golf, The Players Championship.

Garcia’s seven-foot par putt on the last green was struck with a smooth, decisive stroke, and from the time the ball left his regulation-length Titleist putter it rolled like it had no place else to go but the center of the cup. (Sort of the way a guy named Woods always seems to hole the mammoth putt when everything is on the line.)

It was exactly the kind of putt Garcia has failed to make on big occasions in the past. No, it wasn’t quite as huge as the lipout on the final green at Carnoustie last summer that would have won Sergio the British Open.

But Garcia had to sink the tester to complete a gritty up-and-down on the brutally difficult final hole at TPC Sawgrass and to have any chance to catch Paul Goydos, a long-time minor cast member on tour who nearly hijacked the “fifth” major.

Sure, Sergio golfed his ball with amazing precision around a stadium-course layout made even more sinister by gusting winds. But we knew that about the Spaniard. It still comes down to the flatstick. It always does, doesn’t it? (Just ask Tiger about this year’s Masters.)

Welcome to Redemptionville, Sergio Garcia. Enjoy your stay, but not too long. There’s another town calling your name and befitting of your talent –- Majorville.

−The Armchair Golfer

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6 thoughts on “Sergio Garcia Rolls Into Redemptionville”

  1. “…regulation-length Titleist putter…”

    I’ve tried the other putters (that I believe should be outlawed). When I putt with a regulation length putter properly, it produces a natural, athletic stroke I don’t have to think about.

    When I saw that Garcia went to that putter, I knew he’d start to putt better, and that he’d win sometime. Not necessarily at The Players, but sometime soon.

    I was cheering for Goydos, because I’m not sure he’s ever going to get that close again.

  2. I would like to congratulate Sergio on winning the “fifth” major. I hope that his drought of 3 years without a PGA win will make Sergio a real contender in the remaining 3 majors of the year.

    His win also ended a drought for European winners of The Players, which is good for golf.

    I hope he wins one of the majors as he really deserves one. Years ago, I really thought that Sergio would be the next Ballesteros, maybe his time will come.

  3. It was great to see Sergio win. He played superbly but I’m not convinced that playing 17 again is the best playoff hole option. It’s such a well known hole now that I understand the organisers reasons for it but as we saw it can lead to a fairly dull finish. Does anyone know what hole would’ve been played next had it continued?

  4. For the “Sergio won because Tiger wasn’t there” crowd.

    Woods doesn’t care for Sawgrass, won only once, low by his standards. It’s the one tournament he plays to placate the PGA Tour suits.

  5. Tom: He is swinging that putter more freely, at least this past week.

    Mick: At just 28, it would be hard for me to fathom Sergio not winning a major. Look how long Phil waited. I think it will happen, but I’m not sure that he will win a lot.

    MG: I think they were to going to play 18 next, then head back to 16 and play 16, 17 and 18.

    Bobbio: Good point about Tiger. You’re right, TPC Sawgrass hasn’t been a good track for him. It obviously is for Garcia with his shot-making skills.

  6. Yeah, Tiger doesn’t care for Sawgrass because of 17 specifically. The players may not like the hole, but it’s a fan favorite because it puts the pros in our shoes.


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