Security Measures for 2013 U.S. Open Spectators


Security Measures for 2013 U.S. Open Spectators 1

THE UNITED STATES GOLF ASSOCIATION (USGA), in coordination with local, state and federal law-enforcement agencies, today announced its plans for keeping attendees at the 2013 U.S. Open at Merion Golf Club secure and safe.

“The safety and security of spectators, players, volunteers and staff are the utmost priority, and the USGA and its host clubs are committed to operating with a very high level of security at the U.S. Open,” said Reg Jones, the USGA’s senior director of U.S. Open Championships. “The added screening and security measures that we have in place for our national championship, combined with the expertise and collaborative efforts among local, state and federal law-enforcement agencies, reflect that commitment. With cooperation from everyone attending the championship, we can ensure an efficient and orderly entrance and exit procedure, as well as an enjoyable fan experience for all.”

As part of the increased security measures, the USGA and Haverford Township Police have enhanced the screening process prior to spectators entering Merion Golf Club.

“There will be metal-detection screening, similar to what you experience at airport security,” said Deputy Chief John Viola of the Haverford Township Police Department, who is overseeing the law-enforcement operations. “This screening process is designed to prevent spectators from bringing prohibited items onto the championship grounds. Our goal is to assure that everyone has a safe and an enjoyable experience at the U.S. Open.”

“We encourage all spectators to review the list of prohibited items and secure those items in a safe place or leave them at home. Of particular importance are any packages, bags, handbags and backpacks larger than 8x8x8 inches. They will be denied entry into the championship and bringing them to a screening area will only prolong the admission process,” added Viola.

After completing the screening process, spectators must present a valid ticket or credential to enter the championship grounds. All U.S. Open tickets and credentials have a unique bar code that will be scanned at the admission gate.

The following is a list of prohibited items. These items are also listed on the back of each U.S. Open ticket:

  • No Cell Phones (including cell phones with photographic capabilities)
  • No PDAs, Tablets and/or other Portable Email Devices
  • No Noise Producing Electronic Devices (including MP3 Players)
  • No Cameras and/or Camcorders (other than Monday to Wednesday for personal non-commercial photographic use only and without their cases; video recording is not permitted at any time)
  • No Bags larger than 8”W X 8”H X 8”D in their natural state
  • No Cases and/or Covers (such as chair or umbrella covers)
  • No Signs, Posters and/or Banners
    No Televisions and/or Radios unless provided by the USGA
  • No Food and/or Beverages except for medical or infant needs
  • No Containers and/or Coolers except for medical or infant needs
  • No Pets (other than service animals)
  • No Lawn and/or Oversized Chairs (only portable compact chairs permitted)
  • No Bicycles
  • No Ladders and/or Step-Stools or other similar items
  • No Metal-spiked Golf Shoes
    No Weapons (regardless of permit, including but not limited to, firearms or knives)
  • No other items deemed unlawful or dangerous by the USGA and/or Championship Security Personnel in their sole discretion

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