Sean O’Hair Prevails at Quail Hollow Championship

Sean O’Hair Prevails at Quail Hollow Championship 1THERE WERE SEVERAL PLAYERS with a chance to win − and all eyes were on Tiger Woods, who was hovering around the lead − but in the end it was Sean O’Hair who clutched the trophy at the Quail Hollow Championship.

The course was a brute and O’Hair clearly played the best, avenging his loss to Tiger at the Arnold Palmer Invitational. Bubba Watson, Lucas Glover, Tiger and others saw their chances slip away on the back nine, especially along the Green Mile, Quail Hollow’s brutal three closing holes.


What they said after the final round.

Sean O’Hair: “I struck the ball phenomenally this week. I mean, yesterday was really nice. That was probably the best I’ve struck it ever. And today was pretty solid, especially coming down the stretch.”

Tiger Woods:
“I just need to get a little bit more crisp with my driving and my long irons and get that dialed in. My short irons are actually pretty good, it’s just the longer stuff is not where I want it at all.”

Lucas Glover:
“You know, I’m pretty excited about the way I played, not excited about the way it ended up. But believe it or not, I’m usually pretty nervous in the last couple groups on a Sunday, and I didn’t give too much away today, so I’m proud of that.”

Bubba Watson:
“As a team, it was the best day that we’ve had in two and a half, almost three years now. It was a great day, a good learning experience, and looking forward to the rest of my career if I can act like this.”

Zach Johnson:
“All in all … I’m playing well, I’ve just got to regroup and hopefully put some things together for next week.”

−The Armchair Golfer

(Source: ASAP Sports Transcripts)

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