Sam Snead’s Triple Slam Golf Bag, Conclusion

Here’s the final installment on how golf journalist John Derr ended up with the well-worn canvas golf bag of golf legend Sam Snead.

(If you’re just joining the story, scroll down to read Parts I and II.)

Again, John Derr:

“That afternoon, as he practiced, Sam called in his caddie and asked him to go fetch the bag from the Wykagyl mail desk. He knew what it contained.

“In due time the caddie returned, slit open the box and out came the sparkling new leather Wilson bag, its sides emblazoned with its owner’s name and his achievements.

“Sam laid it alongside the old canvas carrier, one by one he took his Wilson clubs and put them in the new bag and suggested the caddie take the ragged canvas bag back and ‘get rid of it.’

“‘No, I told Sam. I’d like to have it. After all that may be the only bag in the world carried to three Grand Slam victories.’

“Sam pushed it toward me, but before he did he opened every pocket, checked them carefully, took out the tees and pencils and then said, ‘You can have it now.’

“And that’s how I happened to own a Triple Slam bag.”

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