Sam Snead’s Triple Slam Golf Bag, Part II

Part I (yesterday) told how PGA champion Sam Snead had to wait for a new Wilson golf bag because all available materials were needed for the war effort.

John Derr continues his story:

“The war ends.

“Snead goes to St. Andrews with his buddy, Johnny Bulla, who had persuaded Sam to become an international player. Both played well but in the final round Bulla tailed off to a 79 to trail Snead’s closing 75, a winner at 290, four strokes ahead. He was still playing from the well worn canvas bag.

“Three years later, bag material still being unavailable, it was the little canvas bag with the badly frayed carrying strap that had a front row seat when Snead added the third Grand Slam trophy to its history by winning the 1949 Masters at Augusta.

“It was six weeks later, during the Palm Beach Goodall Round Robin tournament at Wykagyl that a big cardboard box, addressed to Sam Snead, was delivered to the locker room during the morning play.”

Tomorrow: Conclusion

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