Ryder Cup Captain Paul Azinger All About Hotness

Ryder Cup Captain Paul Azinger All About Hotness 1Paul Azinger (Fortsonre/Flickr)

I saw this over at the Local Knowledge Blog at GolfDigest.com. The topic is captain’s picks for the U.S. Ryder Cup team.

“I think if some guy wins three tournaments in a row on the Nationwide Tour and his last tournament is the week before the week I pick, I probably pick him,” Captain Paul Azinger was quoted as saying.

“I probably pick him because I’m pretty sure that dude is hot. I’m looking for anybody that I think is blazing hot.”

But that wouldn’t apply to any other Tour –- or would it?

“I might not care if they come from the Senior Tour,” Zinger added, “keep that in mind.”

Well, that’s different. What do you think?

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5 thoughts on “Ryder Cup Captain Paul Azinger All About Hotness”

  1. I saw on golf channel today that Mark Calcavecchia was thinking about being an assistant captain. If he keeps playing like he did last week, he might play his way on to the team. If I was Paul Azinger, I would base captains picks on who is the best putter. being a good putter in match play is very important. If he narrows his possible picks down to 5 or 6, he should pick the best putters, in my oppinion.

  2. John Henry Isenhour III, was charged Wednesday with cruelty to animals and killing a migratory bird.

    I don’t follow golf, but I had to search out this blog and do my part. believe it or not I have never posted on a blog until now. What a “Jerk” what an “A-hole”

    At first I said, big deal, OK some guy hit a bird on accident; then I read that he tried and tried and then did it, and now he says he didn’t mean it.

    He should get the max too teach others “don’t be an adult child”. It’s not the same as a 10 year old out back with a BB gun tagging birds, but now we know where his parental values lie. Where is his adult supervisor? Is John pody trained?

  3. I think it’s a good sign that Azinger is looking for players rather than ‘stars’. I have a feeling that given this kind of attitude, he probably won’t be too inclined to give in to the demands of the ‘star’ players and pair them with who they want to be paired with and he won’t feel the pressure to play them in every match. If Tiger’s losing during the first couple of matches, Azinger could bench him until the Sunday singles and not think twice. I would love to see this kind of direction.

    As for the bird-killing incident, I am very disappointed in all the comments I’ve been reading that are the ‘so what, it’s a bird and they are a nuisance on the course’ comments. If it’s a one-hit wonder and it’s an accident then that’s one thing. But to make several attempts and try to kill a living animal – well that’s up there with serial killers who started out torturing animals as kids. It sets a bad example for children and sends a bad message about valuing life, all forms of it.


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