Rory and That So-Called Miami Muni

THE STORY CHARMED THE AVERAGE GOLF JOE. There was Rory McIlroy in shorts and a pink shirt pounding balls on a driving range at a Miami-area municipal golf course late last week. Just like one of us!

McIlroy was in Miami to watch his girl friend, Caroline Wozniacki, play in a tennis tournament. He wanted to slip away for some practice and stopped at the local muni because it was the closest golf facility.

“It was nice. The turf was OK. People left me alone. It was fine,” Rory said about Crandon Golf Key Biscayne.

What do you think of when you hear muni?

I think of the flat, 9-hole, grass-challenged course I grew up on in the California desert. I think of mats, both on the driving range and as winter tees on the course. I think of striped range balls and unraked traps. I think of sketchy snack bars and broken ball washers. I have a deep affection for those well-worn muni tracks because they are my golf heritage.

As far as I can tell, there’s not much about Crandon Golf, the site of Rory’s humble practice session, that says muni to me. Well, it’s public. I’ll grant it that.

According to its website, Crandon Golf is a championship 18-hole golf course on the “island paradise” of Key Biscayne, surrounded by water, mangroves and lush tropical foliage. It’s made a top 10 list in Golfweek and was selected as one of America’s 75 upscale courses by Golf Digest. Crandon Golf is the only course on Biscayne Bay.

You can play Crandon Golf as a guest for $225. If you’re a south Florida resident, it will only cost you $125. Miami-Dade resident? Even better: $85. If you’re of a certain economic class (like me), you might opt for the twilight rate, which is merely $50.

Some muni, huh?

Rory might have taken it down a few notches with his visit to Crandon Golf, but I’m only reminded that his muni is not my muni. I can’t be fooled. When it comes to golf, Rory and I have absolutely nothing in common.

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3 thoughts on “Rory and That So-Called Miami Muni”

  1. In our rarified corner of SW CT, many/most of the munis are like the one Rory played on, and priced accordingly. We could definitely use a few more of the flat, grass-challenged type courses. :

  2. well,the pressure of being # 1 sure can wreck havoc.

    I just hope at the end of it he comes out with everything intact.

    For Rory to be running around at this late hour trying to do this and that,squeeze a few more holes in here,do a little more driving on the range…this is not a good sign folks.


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