Roger Federer Is Greater Than Tiger Woods

He started out blogging about golf but gave up when he discovered how difficult the game is. Now the author of NOT A GOLF BLOG ANYMORE claims Roger Federer is the greatest sportsman who ever lived. There must be a correlation.

“I’m a 32-year-old English guy living in San Diego. This blog was supposed to be about me learning to play golf (harder than you might think actually), but then the World Cup started and I got distracted.”

Yes, he definitely got off topic. Here is what he said about tennis star (and Tiger buddy) Roger Federer:

“I’m confident that in 15 years time we’ll look back at Federer as not just the greatest tennis player who’s ever lived, but simply the greatest individual sportsman ever.”

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This probably would have never happened had he stuck with golf. I think he needs an intervention.

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11 thoughts on “Roger Federer Is Greater Than Tiger Woods”

  1. I don’t know if Federer is the greatest sportsman ever. To me that would suggest that he excels in several different sports. But I do prefer Federer to Woods simply because the announcers for tennis matches talk about the players playing that specific match. They don’t ignore those two players to spend all their time talking about how great Federer is. Golf announcers spend too much time ignoring the golfers playing the tournament and sucking up to Tiger.

  2. Of course, I’m having a little fun mocking my friend at NOT A GOLF BLOG ANYMORE. Roger greater than Tiger? Maybe. Greatest all-time sportsman? That’s a very tall claim. I was just hoping to goad Kai into returning to golf. Come on back, Kai! 😉

  3. Fed-Ex and Tiger? I don’t know man, it’s kinda hard to compare when both of them play two different games. It’s like comparing a tennis ball and a golf ball, which one is the best ball of all? Can we really make a decision? On another note, both players are exceptional players.

    Tommy L. from Free Golf Tips.

  4. Hehe. You know, in truth I only stopped blogging about golf because I ran out of stuff to talk about. I got tired of documenting my failings/misery, and figured I’d convert to a regular blog.

    And the TW/RF thing only came about because a friend brought it up. TW is clearly an awesome player (best golfer ever?), and it’s pointless (though fun) to compare him with Federer.

  5. Clearly both Tiger Woods and Roger Federer are at the top of their sports. It is very hard, almost impossible to claim that someone is the best sportsman. Being a sportsman to me is not just being a good athlete but excelling in multiple sports…almost all of them. So basically what I am saying is that neither athlete can be compared to each other directly, they can only be compared to their relationships with the sports they play. If you compare them in this sense then Tiger clearly has the advantage.

    Tiger has won every one of the major golf tournaments multiple times. Roger Federer has won every one except for the French Open. He has some trouble on clay I guess. Tiger has no trouble on the hard fairways of the British Open or the narrow and long courses that host the other majors in the US. Tiger has won more money on his tour and I believe has brought more people to his sport than Federer has. Finally, I think since Tiger is from the US he then gets more respect and also has many more fans than Federer has or ever will have.

  6. TIGER vs. ROGER – Golf and Tennis have 4 majors every year. Tiger won his first major in 1997. From 1997-2007 Tiger has won 13 out of 44 majors. A wining percentage of 29.54% and Tiger is age 31. Roger won his first major in 2003. From 2003-2007 Roger has won 12 out of 20 majors. A wining percentage of 60% and Roger is only age 26. Looking at the stats who would you bet on to win more majors in 2008 Tiger or Roger? In 2007 Roger won WIMBLEDON for the 5th consecutive year in a row! And you Tiger Fans thoght Tiger was dominant on grass? Next, in 2008 Roger can become the ALL TIME GRAND SLAM LEADER if he wins 3 more. TIGER CAN’T he still needs 6 more to pass Jack N. record of 18. Finally Tiger himself and Pete Sampras called ROGER FEDERER the most dominant athlete on the planet. Neither you, or anybody else knows more about that subject than those 2. Any questions on who is more dominant in their sport?

  7. Golf vs. Tennis – Golf and Tennis have 4 majors every year. Play 4 rounds of golf and you can win a major. Play 7 rounds of tennis and you can win a tennis major. Have a bad round of golf? Don’t Worry your total scores are added. Have a bad round of tennis and YOUR OUT OF THE TOURNAMENT. Golf is played on grass. Tennis is played on grass, clay, hardcourt, and synthetic carpet. A tennis ball can move over 140-mph and you have to swing and move your feet in all directions to get it back. A golf ball moves 0-mph and you are practically standing still before you hit it. When tennis player’s get to old and out of shape to play tennis, a lot of them go play golf. When golfers get to old and out of shape to play golf THEY DON’T PLAY TENNIS. Golfers say that they have to play the entire field? The field never gets eliminated like in a tennis format. Tiger’s match play record as a pro is not great. If he were to play a 7 round match play elimination format like in tennis he would not have as many majors today. You golfer might be good CHEERLEADERS and say Tiger, but would anyone of you put your money where your mouth is and bet that Tiger would win more majors in 2008 than ROGER FEDERER? Any questions on who is more dominant?

  8. CONCLUSION – Roger Federer dominates tennis more than Tiger Dominates golf. For you golfers that say Apples and Oranges that’s because you just realezed that Roger dominates tennis more than Tiger domiates golf. You can compare Golf and Tennis, because both have 4 majors every year and they are played against the best in the world. Go get your Apples and Oranges in the produce section. ROGER FEDERER DOMINATES TENNIS MORE THAN TIGER WOODS DOMINATES GOLF.

  9. Roger dominates Tennis more that Tiger dominates golf. Really? Lets see, at 26 1/2 Roger is only 2 majors ahead of Petes pace. At 32 Woods is 4 ahead of Jack’s. So if their careers ended to today, Tiger is further along that Roger when compared to the greats of their sports. Further Roger has never won a career grand slam and has a LOSING record against Nadal. Is that how you define dominant?


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