‘The Right Sticks’ by Tom Wishon

‘The Right Sticks’ by Tom Wishon 1GOLF DIGEST HAS CALLED TOM WISHON “one of the three men on the edge of golf technology.” Wishon has been a golf club designer for more than 33 years. And, as I was told in a letter from his publisher, Wishon’s clubhead designs have won tournaments on the PGA Tour, Champions Tour and the Ryder Cup.

I’ve been hanging on to Tom’s new book, The Right Sticks: Equipment Myths That Could Wreck Your Golf Game, since this past summer. Whether you’re mildly or acutely interested in how equipment affects your golf game, this book may benefit you.

Wishon lays out 37 myths about golf equipment, such as “Your new driver has a larger sweet spot” and “I am not a good enough golfer to be custom-fitted” and “Any club that is not ‘brand name’ is junk.” The list goes on.

Tom’s two other most recent books won awards and he has penned more than 200 magazine articles on golf club technology.

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