Renowned Teacher Jim McLean Coming to ARMCHAIR GOLF

Renowned Teacher Jim McLean Coming to ARMCHAIR GOLF 1BEGINNING ON WEDNESDAY, ARMCHAIR GOLF will feature a weekly tip from internationally regarded PGA teaching professional Jim McLean. Jim is the instruction editor for Golf Digest and the Golf Channel, and an author of numerous, top-selling golf instruction books. He also heads the Jim McLean Golf School at Doral Golf Resort & Spa in Doral, Florida.

I’m pleased to welcome Jim, and we hope the weekly tip series will provide some helpful guidance for your golf game. Jim will start with some winter drills, or, put another way, “Ready for Spring” tips.

−The Armchair Golfer

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  1. This is not original with me and I don’t know who said it so I can’t give them credit but somebody once said that “If we taught sex education like we teach golf, the human species would have perished long ago.” Hopefully, Jim McLean can do a little better. I agree with Vince that it’s a coup for you.


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