Regular Guy Tiger

Regular Guy Tiger 1(Mike Davis/Flickr)


At least that’s what New York Times golf writer Bill Pennington reported after a golf outing with Tiger and two dozen other regular guys at Trump National Golf Club in Los Angeles.

“This was not the Tiger Woods I had been around in tournaments throughout the past decade,” Pennington said.

“There was no stoicism. He giggled and asked questions. It was like being at a barbecue.”

Actually, this isn’t that hard to figure out. That other Tiger − let’s call him Tournament Tiger − is in a completely different mindset when he’s at the office. He’s kind of like Jason Bourne − very results oriented.

−The Armchair Golfer

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  1. We know little really about the famous, other than how they choose to portray themselves. Tiger is probably neither the executioner that he appears to be when demolishing his opponents on the golf course nor a giggly kind of guy. I think he enjoys being Tiger Woods and why wouldn’t he?


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