Q&A: No. 1 Ball in Golf at PGA Merchandise Show

Q&A: No. 1 Ball in Golf at PGA Merchandise Show 1LAST WEEK TITLEIST RETURNED to the PGA Merchandise Show for the first time since 2003. In a telephone interview, ARMCHAIR GOLF talked with the Titleist Pro V1® about its appearance at the show and outlook for the new season.

Q: How was the show for you?

Spending all that time indoors on those synthetic surfaces is always kind of weird, but I do the promotional work without complaint. It’s part of the deal. I accept it.

Q: Any highlights?

TITLEIST PRO V1: Paula Creamer.

Q: Lowlights?

TITLEIST PRO V1: Cuts to the expense account.

Q: Talk about your outlook for this season. Are you concerned about the economy?

TITLEIST PRO V1: Not really.

Q: At the merchandise show, Lorena Ochoa said players need to commit to make an extra effort in the current economic environment.


Q: Lorena Ochoa.

Oh, Ochoa. Nice kid. But she doesn’t play me, a real shame.

Q: Do you think you also need to make an extra effort?

TITLEIST PRO V1: You’re joking, right? I go to the merchandise show, do all the commercials, compete and win on worldwide tours week in and week out. You want me to do more? I can’t believe my agent agreed to this. I’m the No. 1 ball in golf. I think that speaks for itself.

Q: Just asking the question. Maybe we should switch gears. What’s your favorite grass?

TITLEIST PRO V1: Bentgrass. Nothing feels better.

Q: What about Bermuda? I know you spend a lot of time in Florida, especially in the winter.

TITLEIST PRO V1: I’m allergic to Bermuda. I love Florida, though.

Q: Really? That’s kind of odd, isn’t it? A golf ball allergic to Bermuda grass.

I don’t have any control over how I’m made or what goes on at the factory. All I can tell you is Bermuda makes me itch like a Cub Scout with a bad case of poison ivy.

Q: How are you able to compete in all those tournaments played on Bermuda?

TITLEIST PRO V1: I take something for it. Are we about done?

Q: Last question: What can you tell us about Rory McIlroy?

He won at Dubai, of course. Great kid, great talent and he plays me, so he has a bright future.

Q: Thanks.

You’re welcome.

−The Armchair Golfer

Q&A: The No. 1 Ball in Golf

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