Poulter and Monty Spar Over Ryder Cup Picks

Poulter and Monty Spar Over Ryder Cup Picks 1Ian Poulter (Steven Newton/Flickr)

NOW, BOYS. Ian Poulter and Colin Montgomerie are sniping in the press about Nick Faldo’s two captain’s picks for the 2008 European Ryder Cup team. Monty said that Poulter has a “hotline” to Captain Nick.

“There are a lot of comments from players going about that I don’t think should have been said, to be honest,” Poulter said.

“I don’t need to get in the discussion of Monty’s discussions. He’s got enough work to do this week to try to make the side himself. He should just be getting his head down and trying to play good golf.”

“Nice to be told what to do by one so young and so inexperienced,” Monty said. “Is anyone else speaking to Nick? No. Self-praise is no praise.”

(Quotes courtesy of BBC SPORT.)

I’ve read that Nick’s presumed short list is Ian Poulter, Paul Casey, Darren Clarke, Justin Rose and, well, does Monty still have a prayer?

We’ll know soon.

−The Armchair Golfer


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