Post-Round Interview: Zach Johnson, ‘Hawaii King’

Post-Round Interview: Zach Johnson, 'Hawaii King' 1
Another win for Zach Johnson. (Allison)

ZACH JOHNSON FIRED A CLOSING 66 to win the Hyundai Tournament of Champions at Kapalua’s Plantation Course with a 19-under total (67, 66, 74, 66). Jordan Spieth finished second. It was Johnson’s second win in a month and his third victory in his last six starts.

Here’s what Zach said immediately after his final round.

Q. Eleven victories now on the PGA TOUR. We’ve talked about this before the final round. How are you that your game is able to handle a golf course of this size?

ZACH JOHNSON: I just picked it apart. I didn’t deviate away from anything that I typically do on the golf course. It’s fairways and greens for me. I’m trying to give myself an aggressive look and trusting what I’m doing, remaining patient was the big thing. Especially after yesterday, it was remaining patient. The one thing I prayed about this morning was just to have peace out here regardless of the situation, whether I was 5 down or 5 up. I’m just thankful that I had my family with me. Thankful that the Lord was with me, and once again, my prayers are certainly going to the Tesoris. That’s where my heart was today and my mind was a lot today. I just had that perspective.

Q. We talked about the 11 victories on the PGA TOUR, and 8 have come from come‑from‑behind fashion. What gives you the belief when you’re not the frontrunner to get it done on this day?

ZACH JOHNSON: I was just comfortable out there. I don’t know what it was. I was comfortable yesterday frankly. I didn’t play that bad. I didn’t score terrible. I was probably a little too analytical on the putting green, but today I just tried to be athletic, tried to stay unemotional and remain athletic over my putts. As a result, you saw a lot go in. But I had some breaks too. I would have, could have, should have on a couple. But you know, today was a grind. But yet it was also I felt very relaxed. I felt at ease. And just that peace that I was telling you about. I felt just every shot, the outcome was irrelevant.

Q. I asked you on Friday if you could attack this course with your wedge, and that’s just what you did on the last nine holes, birdies at 12, 14, 15, 16?

ZACH JOHNSON: That’s exactly right. I remember making the turn, and turned at 3‑under, I believe. Frankly, I missed a couple putts. I had some opportunities coming down the stretch; I just didn’t capitalize on. So I knew if I kept getting the ball on the fairway and giving my wedges an opportunity, that my putter could heat up and fortunately it did.

Q. This may sound strange, but I thought this final round was set up by your patience in the third round. Where you didn’t play badly, but you kept in and trusted the process and kept patience out there to give yourself a chance in the final round.

ZACH JOHNSON: That’s just I can’t sit up here and try to bomb it over the green or bomb it on in two on some of these par‑5s like a lot of the guys can. So I’m picking it apart. I’m just remaining patient and trying to stick to my wedges. Trying to get my putter an opportunity to make a putt. I think today was a day of opportunity. I missed some, which was very comforting, actually.

Q. You’re the Hawaii King. You’ve pulled off the doubleheader, Sony Open winner, along with the Hyundai Tournament of Champions winner.


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