PHOTO GALLERY: U.S. Presidents Playing Golf

PHOTO GALLERY: U.S. Presidents Playing Golf 1
President Calvin Coolidge and his wife, Grace, watch a southpaw with a flying elbow.

This tee shot might not have turned out well. (Courtesy of the Library of Congress)

IN HONOR OF PRESIDENTS DAY on Monday, I’m pointing you to a PGA of America photo gallery of U.S. presidents playing golf. From William Howard Taft to Barack Obama, the 18 images illustrate the presidents’ acute interest in the bedeviling game. I suppose it could be no worse than politics.

[PGA Photo Gallery of Presidential Golf]

Pictured above as a spectator, President Calvin Coolidge was an exception. “Silent Cal” was not fond of the game. As the PGA wrote, “[W]hen he left the White House after his term in office, the only thing he left behind was his bag of clubs.”

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